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Energy efficiency

The LED system enables very significant savings in energy costs, its prolonged life making it very cost effective. It lasts over eight times longer than traditional light bulbs and provides considerable benefits for the environment due to its lower energy consumption and much longer lifespan.

Due to the exceptional efficiency of this technology, just a few watts of power are all that are required to achieve a superior lighting quality. Another of the advantages of its efficiency is that very little energy is lost as heat. In addition to protecting the paint on the ceiling or the wood on the furniture where it is installed, it is an extremely safe technology for use with directional lighting often fitted on children’s desks.

The reduced electricity consumption means fewer CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases are required to generate this energy. Neither does it contain contaminating elements such as mercury or other technologies such as fluorescence.

Iluminación LED eficiente
Lámpara incandescente (50 W)
LED (5 W)
Vatios de la bombilla
Duración de la bombilla
Precio medio de la bombilla
Coste anual de sustitución de la bombilla
Consumo de energía anual
Coste energético anual
Coste anual total
Emisiones de C02 al año
50 W
1 años
1,5 €
1,5 €
50 kWh
10 €
11,5 €
21 Kg
5 W
25 años
25 €
1 €
3 kWh
0,6 €
1,6 €
1,26 Kg
Cálculos basados en 1.000 horas de funcionamiento al año, costes de energía de 0,20 €/kWh y 0,42 kg de emisiones de CO2 por kWh.
Ahorro anual de costes
4,15 €
Reducción de CO2 al año
9,25 Kg

Reliable quality

Unlike other brands, we keep our promises regarding the performance of our LED bulbs. You can trust what it states on the packaging regarding light production, its lifespan and the watt equivalence compared with incandescent light bulbs.

Intelligent investment

The most ecological options, the Faranite LED light bulbs, save so much energy that it takes only 18 months to recoup the investment made in them.

LED light bulbs last a minimum of 25 years, so you will be changing your light bulbs much less often. They are an investment you will reap the benefit from for years.

Free of hazardous substances

LED light bulbs do not use dangerous substances, making them safe to use in any room and easy to dispose of.

The sustainability of the LED light bulbs is good for you and good for the planet. From the very first moment you will be saving energy costs and reducing your light bulb replacements to a minimum. All this without sacrificing quality.

Our efficient lighting solutions save money
and respect the environment.

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